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Examples of Galapagos yacht types

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What our guests say about Galapagos yachts

"Highlights from my trip: Floating on the surface of the water in a lagoon with 20+ sea turtles; playing with the young sea lions underwater; the comforting sway of the boat at sea; finally seeing the Southern Cross constellation; hiking around the highlands; proximity to the animals; seeing distinctive differences depending on the island; and just watching the wildlife go about their daily business without a care about these crazy tourists snapping pictures of them".

C. Gross
Davidson, North Carolina

Galapagos sailing yacht

Yachts & Cruises In The Galapagos Islands

Live aboard yachts: The deep Galapagos experience

It’s true wildlands out on the uninhabited islands of the Galapagos. This is where you will see the highest concentration of wildlife which Galapagos is so famous for. A small group Galapagos cruise fosters an in-depth connection to this amazing ecosystem. Join us…

Galapagos adventures to match your travel style

You are unique. The way you travel is unique. Untamed Path will match you up with a Galapagos yacht that best meets your needs, interests, desired comfort level and budget. Explore the information below then contact us to learn more about your Galapagos cruise options.

Review the categories below to determine your type of Galapagos cruise

Galapagos yachts and cruisesSize of Galapagos yachts

Small yacht: 12 -16 passengers
Closer to the action on land and sea, these boats can pull into small quiet coves for lunch and snorkeling. Ideal group size for sharing common areas on the yacht. Able to veer off course to check out a group of dolphins or whales nearby before continuing on to the next island.

Medium yacht: 20-45 passengers
May have smaller groups on island visits (10 per guide on 20 passenger). You share common spaces onboard with more people and the logistics of moving everyone around gets a bit more complex but this size remains a nice option. These boats and can still pull in to anchor closer to land.

Large cruise ship: 90+ passengers
Less than ideal for Galapagos but they do exist. Anchoring farther out from land means longer dinghy rides to get to and from the islands and puts more separation between you and the wildlife. Tend to have inflexible schedules because moving so many people around gets logistically intense and daily routine revolves around feeding times. A medium size yacht can be just as comfortable and more appropriate for Galapagos.

Types of Galapagos yachts

Sail boats: Classic, traditional feel to these boats though actual use of sails is minimal if at all. Galapagos is in the doldrums with little wind so they mainly cruise under motor for most of the year. Beautiful when they do set sail and for boat lovers there are some real gems; especially 14-16 passenger sailing yachts for small group Galapagos cruising.

Motor yachts: Tend to have more common area onboard than a sailing yacht (not always but most of the time). Tend to be more stable at sea and faster. Some motor yachts were built specifically for Galapagos small yacht cruising which is ideal.

Catamarans or single hull yachts: The newest catamarans tend to be fast, modern, have maximum common area, larger cabin sizes and some have private balconies onboard. Catamarans are typically the most stable of the small yachts in Galapagos. Single hull boats tend to be less expensive than the newer catamarans and if they were built expressly for Galapagos cruising they can have a great layout and design as well.

Galapagos yachts and cruisesServices & accommodations

Overall higher quality with more amenities and better attention to detail generally goes hand in hand with price but a quality experience is possible at all levels.

Guide service: Experience of your guide tends to be higher on more comfortable yachts. That said there are some excellent guides on less expensive Galapagos yachts as well.

Comfort in accommodations: Your cabin could have a window or a porthole, simple or elegant modern décor, flush toilet or pump head, warm or hot shower, quieter engines and generators or older equipment, larger or smaller cabin, bunks or a queen bed etc.

Food: 2 chefs or 1 cook, cafeteria style or fine dining. Even on the most comfortable boats keep in mind that food is shipped 600 miles from the mainland and the kitchen is small. True gourmet is hard to consistently achieve on any yacht in Galapagos. If you have dietary restrictions or are a self proclaimed 'foodie', let us know so we can get you on the Galapagos yacht which can best accommodate you!

Galapagos cruises For more information on pricing visit our Galapagos Trip Costs page.

Opinion from a past guest who has been on 2 different kinds of Galapagos boats

"Yes, I guess that I am a Galapagos veteran now with 2 trips under my belt, ha ha! I may try to get there again to dive someday when the kids are older. The yacht, the crew, the food, the itinerary-all was great. Our boat had enough room for everyone to spread out and do their thing while we were onboard but it was also pleasant to share meals together. When I was in Galapagos last year after the medical mission we were on a cruise ship which certainly was a different flavor. Both vessels got me to Galapagos and allowed me to experience the islands. However, as you can imagine being on the 16 passenger boat was more in keeping with my family’s style. On the cruise ship the crew had been instructed not to interact with the passengers other than service oriented things! The cruise director and the guides definitely socialized with the group but what I noticed on the 16 passenger boat was that the crew, while still being professional had sort of a familial relationship with each other. They were always having fun and seemed to love their jobs. They enjoyed joking with us and each other and were kind to let us practice our Spanish with them. They snorkeled with us a few times and offered many genuine personal touches that I did not find when I was on the cruise ship. I would not have thought that the relationship with the crew would have made such a difference in our experience but oddly enough it really did considering that they were actually a big part of every day."

D. Kimball
Hong Kong

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