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Comments from our guests:


"Each day of the trip got better and better as the week progressed. The seas were calm, I slept well on the boat, we saw fantastic wildlife, Morris was a super guide, what more could we ask for! Since Jonathan has so many dietary restrictions I was happy to have been on the top of the line boat which was able to accommodate him accordingly. As a result both of us ate well and had a blast. We very much enjoyed the 2 nights in San Cristobal at the end of the trip relaxing and enjoying the small town."

H. Mills
Wakefield, UK


Galapagos hiking

The week on the boat was great. The trip was outstanding. I don't think I have EVER had better service and guidance from any enterprise of any sort at any time. So kudos to you and your team. I certainly will be back in touch for my next trip.
Thank you."

R. Onerheim
Montreal, Quebec


Galapagos Land Based Tours

Explore Galapagos from it’s port towns

Land based Galapagos tours offer an alternative to live-aboard yachts. Stay in comfy hotels, eat at local restaurants and visit nearby islands on day tours by small speedboat. Hike, bike, ride horses, learn to scuba dive, sea kayak nearby and see some of the famous wildlife too. Galapagos multi-sport and island hopping tours are done on the inhabited islands.

Land tour for childrenGood option for younger, more active children

Staying on land in the Galapagos gives you more freedom for traveling with young active children who might not enjoy natural history hikes or traveling on a yacht at sea. Staying at local family run inns and interacting with local kids gives access to a whole different side of Galapagos.

Land based pre or post cruise add on

After an action packed 7 nights onboard a yacht a few days on the beach with nothing in particular to do can be a great wind-down. You can relax, eat good food, do a diving day trip or one of the walks open to visitors. If you want to see how the locals live, the small towns of Galapagos have plenty to offer. Friendly people and awesome seafood abound.

Reduced wildlife viewing opportunities

Everywhere on earth, the farther you get from town the more pristine the environment is and the more abundant the wildlife will be. Galapagos is not exempt from this natural tendency. If maximum wildlife viewing is a priority for you, we suggest a live aboard yacht, which will get you out to where the wildlife is most abundant and diverse.

Day trips to nearby islands

A day trip from town out to an uninhabited island typically spends more time traveling than visiting the island. Start with an early morning departure, either first overland, or in a small speed boat on the open seas. Arrive to the island in time for a hike in the late morning and since you cannot eat on the uninhabited islands you will eat lunch on the boat. Depending on the island visited maybe do a snorkel session or another hike and then start the 2-3 hour journey back to town. Depending on time of year and your luck, the journey in a small speed boat can be smooth as silk or a white-knuckled bone-jarring ordeal.

Galapagos land based toursSupporting local Galapagos inhabitants

We definitely believe that employing the services provided by Galapagos residents is an important thing. This includes the families who support the live aboard yachts with their mechanical skills, guide service and logistical wizardry. There are some wonderful people living in Galapagos who work very hard to provide services for you. Your visit will provide employment for Galapageños whether you are on a yacht or a land based tour.

Over the years many people have moved from the Ecuador mainland to Galapagos creating more pressure on the fragile ecosystem. There is supposed to be a cap on how many people can move to Galapagos but it has not worked so well in the past. Now there are stricter immigration rules in place to help with this in the future.

Whether you choose to do a land based trip or a live-aboard yacht trip really depends on what your priorities and focus are for your Galapagos adventure.

Land based Galapagos trip Give us a call and we can coordinate the trip that is best for your needs in the Galapagos Islands.

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