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What our guests say about Galapagos groups


"Jolene asked me to thank you for suggesting the additional couple of nights on the boat. Had we gotten off on day 5 we would have ultimately missed some of the best island visits and the wonderful group dynamic that formed with our ship mates. A surprise was that we were the only Americans on the boat. We thoroughly enjoyed the lively and interesting conversations at meals and are now exchanging photos amongst our group from round the world."

R. Donovan
Houston, Texas

Small group Galapagos trips



Small Groups or Individual Travelers in Galapagos

Travel in Galapagos as a couple, a family, group of friends or a solo traveler

In order to set foot on the uninhabited islands you must be with a Galapagos National Park certified guide. The most cost effective way to do this is by joining a group or forming your own small Galapagos group. We offer boats for 12 to 45 passengers with an emphasis on the 12 to 16 passenger size. The Galapagos National Park limits group sizes on the islands to a maximum of 16 guests plus a certified guide.

Galapagos groups or individualsBook individual spaces or charter the whole boat

Visiting Galapagos as a couple or family is a unique small group experience. Typically our Galapagos yachts have travelers onboard from around the world but primarily from US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Eurasia. Those with interest in a trip like this tend to be enthusiastic about wildlife, hiking and snorkeling, natural history, appreciation of the natural world and a unique style of travel. Many of our guests comment that an unexpected highlight of the trip was the other travelers onboard.

If you have a Galapagos group of 12 to 16 friends or family or even just short of this size consider chartering the boat for just your group. This will give you maximum flexibility on a daily basis throughout your trip.


  Galapagos for small groups or solo travelers
  Benefits of chartering a Galapagos boat
  • Join a group provided by Untamed Path. The group travels together for island visits and snorkeling sharing a guide. Group sizes are 10 guests per guide on a 20 passenger yacht or up to 16 per guide on other size yachts. While a smaller group on the islands can be nice, less people sharing common areas on the boat is also a bonus.
  • There are mostly double cabins. A few yachts have some triple cabins and a limited number of single cabins. We have a limited number of adjoining cabins for friends or small families. Most triple cabins are on yachts with higher level of comfort that have a “suite” with a pullout bed.
  • The most cost effective cabin arrangement is for even numbers in your group or if you have an odd number a willingness to have a single participant in your group share a cabin with another traveler of the same gender. This will avoid paying single supplements.
  • Travel with an uneven number in your group or alone. There are a few different excellent and creative solutions. Contact us for details.
  • Larger groups equate to larger discounts. By booking all the spaces onboard you can get significantly lower rates. Chartering a 14 passenger boat for 8 people is an awesome experience but your per person cost increases over chartering a 16 passenger boat for 16 people.
  • Flexibility. Do you want to stretch snorkel sessions for as long as possible? Enjoy meals a little earlier than normal to accommodate children? Spend more time at each stop during wildlife observation to accommodate photo enthusiasts? Start earlier or later in the mornings? Have shorter or longer natural history talks? Spend more time on the beach at the end of a natural history hike to catch an extra swim or lounge? These are the types of flexibilities that are possible with having the boat for just your group.
  • Pick a date! Many people think there is no way they have enough friends or family members who would want to do this type of trip. Once you pick a date and get a trip rolling you will be surprised at how many friends, colleagues and friends of friends come forward with interest in joining your small group Galapagos trip!


If you are thinking about a land based Galapagos trip there are a few considerations about group size as well. Again a larger group can get a better price than a single traveler just because you are sharing expenses between more people. But a bigger group may have more challenges with transportation getting around and in-between islands.

Small group Galapagos trips We're always happy to speak with you about the many options for your group regardless of size.
- Contact us and get the inside scoop for planning your small group Galapagos tour today.

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