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What our guests say about family trips

"Well I have to say that I didn’t think I would love this trip as much as I did. I brought movies to watch at night but it was a great trip and I never even watched a movie. My family and I had a lot of fun. Thank you for the awesome birthday cake. It was delicious. I missed my friends but I guess you only get to see Galapagos once and it was a great place to turn 16! Hope I get to go back there some day. I am inspired to work with animals in some way. Maybe I will be a wildlife biologist or a veterinarian."

Michelle R. (16 years)
Rochester, New York


Galapagos with children


Excerpt from Jonathan’s 5th grade report about school vacation


"My family decided that Galapagos was our favorite vacation ever. Snorkeling was the best part because I saw so many different animals. The sea turtles were my favorite because they looked like they were flying. If I could choose to be any animal in the world I would want to be a sea lion because they are so funny. My brother wants to be a crab. Sometimes my mom calls us crabby. I guess that is because we have pinchers like the Sally crabs in Galapagos. If someone wants to go to Galapagos they should go to this place with their parents. Dogs are not allowed".


Jonathan S. (10 years)
Santa Maria, California


Galapagos family trip

Galapagos Family Trips

High quality family time

Many of our guests tell us that their Galapagos trip was their best family vacation ever. Why? Because the children had a great time, the adults got to relax and enjoy the trip as well and Untamed Path made preparing for their family Galapagos cruise easy.

We've got you covered. You don’t need another to-do list; this is your vacation too.

  • Plan tomorrow’s activities: DONE
  • galapagos family tripsWhere/what/when to eat: DONE
  • Cleanup after meals/activities: DONE
  • Make sure the adults are having as much fun as the kids: DONE
  • Snacks for after activities: DONE
  • Clean drinking water always available: DONE
  • Safety check: DONE

Charter a departure for just your group of 10-20 family & friends or join an existing departure

Galapagos trips are particularly conducive to grandparents and multi generational family members. Days are full of shared experiences, kids and adults are involved and having fun and everyone enjoys talking about the amazing wildlife they saw each day. Any adult who wants a break from activity can relax on the boat reading a book and enjoying the views while the rest of the group is on an island hike or snorkel session. The flow of the days encourages family time in the early evenings on deck doing individual activities or in the common area playing games after busy guided days. It is common for everyone to be fast asleep by 9 - 10 pm after a full day of Galapagos sunshine, water, wind, walking and fresh air.

Your family will have lifelong Galapagos memories. Seeing wildlife so easily and up close brings out the natural world wonder in adults and children alike. Days are well planned with a rhythm that is easy to settle in to. Three tasty meals each day and often a snack is provided if it’s going to be a little while before the next meal.

Family Galapagos trip Find more details about family Galapagos vacations below or contact us and start planning today!

Younger children on Galapagos yachts
  • Minimum age 7 with some exceptions.
  • Great for kids who enjoy nature, walking, wildlife and can follow directions very well. Not the best trip for extremely active children who need constant stimulation. For very active kids, consider a land based trip on an inhabited island.
  • Families with children who have the most fun when there are other kids should consider doing a specific family departure during a school vacation where there will be some facilitated group activities provided for the children.
  • Most children find it fun to take time in the evening to look up the wildlife and marine life they have seen during the day in a wildlife guide book.
  • For kids in Galapagos who enjoy art or creative projects, many children find it fun to draw, collage or paint in a journal about all that they are experiencing.
  • For a multi family chartered trip, consider hiring an extra private guide (very reasonable cost) for the younger kids so that they can have more flexibility to hang out and build sand castles sometimes while you hike on the islands.
Galapagos family cruisePreparation tips for children and teens in Galapagos

For new snorkelers, adult and youth alike, practice snorkeling in a pool before the Galapagos trip. This really helps to get the rhythm of breathing through the snorkel tube in a gentle environment with minimal movement in the water and not much else going on. Once you get to Galapagos it’s very exciting in the water with all that you are seeing.

If possible, provide your child with a book or 2 about Galapagos Islands to make it more relevant and interesting when they are there. There are lots of fun and interesting books for children and teens to give them a sense of the environment and human history. See our recommended reading list.

For anyone who is not a strong swimmer, consider using fins to help with maneuverability and an inflatable life jacket with a waist belt and through the leg strap. The nice thing about an inflatable vest is that you can choose how much air to have in it so your child can easily put his/her face in the water without being too buoyant. A front clip water skiing type jacket also works. Life vests will be provided for use in the dinghy.

A few considerations that will help match you up with the best possible Galapagos trip for your family
  • How old will your children be at the time of travel (some discounts may apply for children under 12 at time of travel)
  • Can your children comfortably walk 1-2 miles, in a group, on a trail, in 1-2 hours, a couple of times each day?
  • Can your children follow directions with ease (ie; stay on the trail, don’t touch the animals, etc)?
  • Are your children confident swimmers/snorkelers?
  • Do you prefer to spend time as a family with few other children around or do you prefer to be around other families?
  • Do you need to travel during typical school vacations or do you have the flexibility to travel anytime during the year?
  • Can you take an extra day or 2 before vacations or do trip dates need to match school vacation dates exactly?
  • Do you want to be in the same cabin as your children or do you prefer to have them in a cabin close by?

Galapagos family vacation We're here to help you plan the ultimate family Galapagos adventure. Contact us for more information and your family Family cruise will be in the Galapagos swimming with penguins before you know it.

“In conclusion, it appears that nothing can be more improving to a young naturalist, than a journey in distant countries.”
Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle


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