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What guests say about Galapagos weather

"As you know I was concerned about how much it might rain during our trip [January]. Thanks for the reassurance and information. The few times it did rain it was just for a short while and then the sun came out and we were dry in no time. Days were nice and warm. I never actually used the fleece but was glad to have it along just in case. We didn't bring enough t-shirts thinking it would be cooler and we brought more snacks than we needed but that was our choice and it was no big deal. Your list was complete we were just in such a rush the day before we left.

P. Nashiki
Salem, Oregon


" I am not fond of the heat so the pleasant days of September were just right for us. Some days it felt like we had the archipelago to ourselves, there were surprisingly few other travelers in the islands. The steady boat you put us on made all the difference.  Another bonus of a trip this time of year apparently was the use of the sails on our boat. During the daytime travel the crew were so proud to put the sails up and they really did smooth out the ride and speed things up for our boat.. The sailing time was a great surprise!"

A. Coney
Wellington, New Zealand




Galapagos Weather & Seasons

Galapagos wildlife viewing is great year round

Each Galapagos season has it’s own highlights and the wildlife is on track with their daily lives 365 days a year. Every month there is something different happening as the various species begin mating cycles, rearing young, fighting over territory, etc. See our calendar page for specific wildlife viewing per season.

When to visit the Galapagos Islands; weather, climate and waters

Galapagos weather varies between 2 distinct seasons. Though locally known as the dry season and the wet season, precipitation is rarely more than 10 inches per year in Galapagos and rain can fall any time of year. Temperatures are mild and pleasant year-round with the big difference being between the cloud forest-like highlands and sea level.

Galapagos climate and seasonsDec-April brings more actual rainfall and warmer air temperatures to Galapagos along with more sunny days. Seas are calmest during this time of year and when rain does come it tends to be in short downpours. The vegetation is more green and lush in this season.

May-November is drier in terms of actual rainfall but it is cooler for walking on the islands with the light ‘garua’ mist. Wildlife tends to be more active with the cooler weather. This is directly related to the presence of the Humboldt current during these months.

The months of May and November are shoulder seasons and can exhibit some of both Galapagos Island weather seasons.

During the months of September-October we suggest that you travel on one of our more stable Galapagos yachts as the seas tend to have the most movement at this time of year. There are far less other travelers in these months and there are sometimes great deals to be had.

Galapagos islands climateGalapagos Islands water and air temperatures

Galapagos water temperatures tend to be at their warmest in the months of February to April at 75 F (24 C) and slowly dropping to around 10 degrees cooler by end of August. Keep in mind that even at the warmest water temps in Galapagos many people like to wear a thin wetsuit with short arms and legs since 75 F (24 C) is quite a bit cooler than our body temperature. These are available to rent or provided to borrow on all of our Galapagos trips.

Galapagos high air temperatures are at their peak in March at 86 F (30 C) and at their lowest in August/September at 74F (23 C). Galapagos low air temperatures are at their highest in February at 72 F (22 C) and at their lowest in August/September at 61F (16 C). See chart below for details.

Galapagos Islands Temperature Chart

Galapagos temperatures chart


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