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What our guests say about itineraries


"Our Galapagos map is now filled with notes of highlights about each of the places we visited. We especially liked Punta Suarez with the Albatross couples doing their dance, this was amazing. The elaborate bill fencing, the bowing, the dance moves, it was like a choreographed presentation. All the places we went were spectacular and I wouldn't have wanted to miss any of them for something else. Untamed Path was wonderful to work with, thanks for taking such good care of us."

M. Certifer
Beaumont, Alberta


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"2 weeks at sea was the ultimate. Happy to have waited to do Galapagos till this time in our lives when we could see it all. Probably not practical for most but for us the itinerary was complete and well worth it. We tagged just about all the sites on the map as you know. Now begins reliving the adventure as we sort through more photos than we know what to do with, thank goodness for digital cams."

B. Trest
Colorado Springs, Colorado


Galapagos Maps

Galapagos mapsMap your way around the Galapagos Islands

There are a total of 13 major Galapagos Islands, 6 minor islands and over 40 mini islets. The major islands are: Baltra, Espanola, Fernandina, Floreana, Genovesa, Isabela, Marchena, Pinta, Pinzon, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe and Santiago. Some of the minor islands have great visitor sites such as Rabida, Batrolome and South Plazas.

Carefully planned itineraries

On one of our 7 night trips you will typically either visit the central islands and Genovesa, the central and southern islands or you may spend the whole trip in the western islands. To visit all the islands requires a 2 week itinerary.

All of our yacht trips have careful attention to minimizing travel time and getting you to the very best visitor sites. All itineraries are approved by the Galapagos National Park and are designed and submitted for approval based on the best flow for the visitor to see the best land and snorkeling sites.

Galapagos Islands map When you are ready for more details contact us and we'll help you plan the ideal Galapagos adventure.

Galapagos Islands map

"There are several other sources of enjoyment in a long voyage, which are of a more reasonable nature. The map of the world ceases to be a blank; it becomes a picture full of the most varied and animated figures. Each part assumes its proper dimensions: continents are not looked at in the light of islands, or islands considered as mere specks, which are, in truth, larger than many kingdoms of Europe.

Africa, or North and South America, are well-sounding names, and easily pronounced; but it is not until having sailed for weeks along small portions of their shores, that one is thoroughly convinced what vast spaces on our immense world these names imply.”

Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle


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