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Galapagos information

Galapagos Information

Browse the pages below to explore a wealth of information about the Galapagos islands. Planning your trip with Untamed Path is very simple and becoming well informed about what to expect will only enhance your Galapagos experience. Our 15 years of running tours to the Galapagos islands means we've done the research and legwork to bring you up to date information. Have fun exploring!

Galapagos weather information

Galapagos Weather

Each season in Galapagos has it's unique characteristics. What will be happening when you'll be there and what will Galapagos air and water temperatures be? Galapagos weather


Galapagos flight information

Galapagos Flights

A short flight from mainland Ecuador puts you in wildlife paradise before you know it. Find out things to consider before booking and get details on how it all works. Galapagos flights

Galapagos maps and information

Galapagos Maps

A good map can answer many questions. How many islands are there? Which ones will you go to? How far apart are they? Which islands are inhabited? Galapagos maps

Galapagos books

Galapagos Books

The pleasure of reading is alive and well when it comes to the Galapagos Islands. Besides the fascinating wildlife, the human history is equally as interesting and bizarre. go Galapagos books


Galapagos faq's

Galapagos FAQ's

Answers many common questions about travel to the Galapagos Islands. Where is Galapagos? Best time to go? Typical day? Inoculations? Snorkeling? FAQ's Galapagos FAQ's




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