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"The thing I really appreciate about Untamed Path is we always felt you really honestly cared about our experience. This was like old fashioned customer service before things started moving so quickly in the world. From matching us up with a Galapagos trip that worked with our budget and priorities to tracking us during the trip with your crew in Ecuador and making sure that all was in order. From taking the time to let us know about our 1 hour flight change the night before we returned home so we could sleep a little longer to this communication after our trip to get our suggestions for improvement. When there was a major glitch at the airport because of my mess up, you totally saved us (thanks for the middle of the night time on the phone) and the whole trip for that matter. "

D. Clarke
Brooklyn, New York



Why Travel with Us

Travelers come to us looking for a special adventure

They have a variety of goals, ideas and budgets for their vacation. Our guests are from around the world, often from North America and Europe. They envision an incredible journey that will leave them energized and fulfilled. Some have traveled a lot or a little, some with a group but many have traveled independently and might be unsure about joining a “tour”.

Why Travel With Untamed PathOur knowledge and skills create ideal journeys

Untamed Path founders Jen and Mike have been exploring South America since 1994 and ran the first Untamed Path trips there in 1999. Our team's
in-depth knowledge means you get the benefits of inside information from years spent living and traveling there.

We bridge the gap between our guest’s needs and desires and what is available in the regions where they want to travel. We ask many questions before confirming an itinerary. What are your goals for the trip? What activity level are you looking for? Is budget or comfort more important to you? Can you be flexible with your travel dates to get a better experience or price on alternate dates?

This allows us to match you up with the best possible adventure to meet your specifications. We're looking out for your best interests as well as ours when we make sure that you have an awe inspiring trip that matches who you are and the way you like to travel.

Travel is seen as a way to have meaningful and fun experiences

Our goal is to connect people with ecosystems and cultures that may not otherwise have the chance to meet each other. Natural world experiences that benefit conservation, minus the distractions of daily responsibilities creates a really good vacation with purpose which equates to happy people and a world with more understanding.

All of our intention goes into each and every reservation

We truly care about the quality of our guests’ experience. Even after the booking is confirmed, we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the experience of our guests based on their interests and needs. We are conscious to never accept more bookings than we can personally be involved with. Our confirmed guests are always top priority.

Untamed path travel philosophyWe love South America and exceptional client care

An appreciation of the intricacies and unique logistics that go along with travel in this part of the world is at the heart of our business. We are invested in the success of conserving wild places and this means keeping in close contact with the destinations that we offer. During your trip we are personally working behind the scenes with our team to insure that all is going well for you. We watch your back.

Detail oriented and tremendously conscientious

These are two qualities that our guests have consistently complimented us on. These skills are critical for insuring that you, our guest has a successful trip led by our team.

Travel philosophy When you're ready to experience a different kind of travel planning contact us and we'll welcome you aboard!




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