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Galapagos Testimonials & Reviews of Untamed Path

Untamed Path Galapagos Trip Reviews:

Thanks to our outstanding clients for your kind words and helpful suggestions over the past 15 years. YOU are what has evolved and shaped us into a great company. Over the years your time and detailed comments to tell us what was perfect, what can be enhanced and which parts of the trip were your favorite has allowed us to offer the best possible experiences to our new guests. Please stay in touch, we always love to hear your news!

Galapagos testimonials

"I am back from the BEST trip that I have ever taken. It was better than we expected and I want to thank you for all of your assistance and guidance. We had a great group on the boat and the guides were extraordinary. I have more pictures of wildlife than I know what to do with but who cares. Thank you so much and we will be recommending this trip Galapagos Island Tours referencesand your services to our friends".

B. Wallach
Newark, Delaware

Galapagos reviews

"Jen, this was a wonderful trip. Can you plan the rest of my travels for the rest of my life?! You did a very thorough job"!

S. Zolla
Santa Monica, California

Galapagos company reviews

"I have traveled with Overseas Adventure Travel, REI and Butterfield and Robinson. All of those trips were very good, I will even say excellent as was my Untamed Path trip. I have to say that your level of attention to detail and customer service in the trip planning process tops them all. I had heard good things about your company from 2 friends who had traveled with your company many years ago. The type of trips that you offer are different than other companies and we liked this. They were also the best priced trips that we could find for comparable service (little did we know how superb the service from your office would be). The trip you put together for us was perfect for people like Barb and I who have already done a tremendous amount of travel and prefer to have logistics taken care of while still having plenty of time on our own while we are in town especially. Thank you. Our only feedback is to more strongly encourage people to spend some nights in the Amazon like we did at the end of the trip and also to be sure that people bring photos of their family back home to share with the locals who they meet along the way. Barb will call you next week with a suggestion for adding a few tidbits onto the packing list that are not essential but may be interesting for you to contemplate. Barb told me about the volunteer project you have in Ecuador, we would like to visit it on our way to Peru in December. Let’s be in contact about that later on in the summer after we complete our move to Los Angeles".

R. Smith
Boston, Massachussetts

Untamed Path reviews

Excerpt from an email sent to friends & family by V. Davidson from Milwaukee, Wisconsin while in Galapagos:

“Dear gang,

We saw the documentaries, read the books and thought we knew just what it would be like when we got here. Truly though, it does not compare to the out of this world experience we are having. It's really true, the wildlife is unafraid of humans. The islands where nobody lives have been the best. The walking is wonderful, the snorkeling fun, photography opportunities phenomenal and we'll send you a link when they are up on the blog. We could not ask for anything better with our boat and handful of other people onboard. We have seen some of the larger boats and it looks like a zoo. Yesterday we saw an owl catch a small bird and gobble it down right in front of us, we saw a baby sea lion birthed, we have also seen sea turtles mating, waved albatross etc. much more special in person than we could have realized as we were planning for the trip. If you ever want to do a Galapagos trip we cannot say enough good things about out tour company Untamed Path... ”

Galapagos reviews

Galapagos reviews

"We would HIGHLY recommend Untamed Path to anyone. Jen knows her stuff and it was evidenced by her staff in Ecuador and what she was able to book for us. We had no surprises and all recommendations she made were right on target. She took the time to get to know our needs as a family and planned with those in mind. She is a true professional!"

B. Taylor
Bozeman, Montana




Galapagos testimonials

"Each and every guide; Santiago, Ivan, Juan (and native guide, Freddie/Marcelo and native guide Jorge), Veronica in the Galapagos, were outstanding and felt custom made for us and our group. Of course knowledge is primary but a sense of humor, willingness to be adaptable with the group and also able to crack the whip when needed were qualities that all of them had. We appreciate them so much and realize that the making or breaking a trip is in their hands. When we return, we will want travel with this set of guides where appropriate".

P. Laherty
Sebastapol, California

Galapagos reviews

"Everything was fantastic. We are so pleased with all the arrangements you made and with the people who were involved in our trip (Jen, Mike, Alfredo, Patricia, Jorge etc). They were all highly professional, personable, knowledgeable, and reliable. NO glitches anywhere. And on the boat we had wonderful personnel, accommodation, weather, food, companions, excursions, sightings, etc.

Thank you so much. We would certainly recommend Untamed Path to anyone, and hope to have future travels with your guidance.
Now we, as you also probably, are settling into the snow!".

E. McElmeel
Seattle, Washington

Untamed Path reviews

"Dear Mike,
Thanks for asking for my feedback about what went well and what can be improved. Great job for our second trip with you. Peru was great last year and Ecuador this year. I'm not the e-mailer of the group but have to tell you the whole trip was fabulous beyond our wildest dreams. Probably what made it especially wonderful were your people. George and Isabel were just outstanding company, knowledgeable and reliable. The boat was terrific. How you chose the l6 different but most compatible people I have no idea. The entire trip could not have been more perfect. THANK YOU"!

T. Barnes
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Galapagos reviews

"Mike, here is our review of the experience with Untamed Path. Let me know if you would like more information.
Anu and I are very satisfied with our experience with Untamed Path. The activities were very well planned and fun. Our time in Galapagos was exceptional. Quito with a guide was better than being there alone as Jen had recommended. The food was sufficient, tasty and healthy. I am a vegetarian and there was always extra food provided for me that was nutritious and tasty. No changes to recommend. The lodging was comfortable, clean and provided us an opportunity to experience a little more of Ecuadorian culture rather than a corporate hotel. Our stay at the small hotel in Guayaquil was very ‘home-like’, comfortable and the people at the hotel were very courteous and hospitable. Great for our style of trip. The guides were all very nice and knowledgeable. The information provided before the trip was accurate and complete. It was the most organized information that we have ever received before a trip. All the information regarding what to expect was provided in great detail. It was very helpful to have that information prior to the trip. Transportation was clean and safe and prompt. No suggestions just keep up the good work"!

West Lafayette, Indiana
M. Balasubramanian

Galapagos reviews

"Jen I want to share a funny story with you from the trip which was, by the way wonderful. It was when we where touring South Seymour (Plaza). As we were walking Desiree was telling us about all the many iguanas and their eating habits and scientific studies done by a famous scientist who said that iguanas are solely vegetarians. As we came around a bend there was this large Iguana eating the head of a small Finch. After pointing out the iguana, I asked Desiree, 'I thought these guys where vegetarians?' Without missing a beat she replied, 'this guy obviously did not get the memo.' We then proceeded to video the iguana and his lunch and decided to send it off to the scientist who made these claims to see what he had to say"!

Galapagos referencesS. Yates
Portola Valley, CA

Galapagos testimonials

"Nothing can truly prepare you for the unbelievable wildlife experience of the Galapagos Islands, you'll see things you never thought possible".

Mike and Jen
Untamed Path founders




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