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Galapagos Island Tours is the Galapagos website of Untamed Path which was founded in 1999 by two wilderness adventure guides with the vision of creating a values driven travel company with unique and creative itineraries.
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We maintain the same root values, high level of care for the places and people that our adventures visit and true investment in the quality of our guest's experience that we started out with many years ago.
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We communicate with each guest after their trip to find out what went well and where there is room for improvement. After many years this has refined our adventures and operations into a well honed tool for exploring South America. Read samples of our past guests feedback

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We're always happy to discuss our different types of trips and help you plan a great adventure in South America.
Give us a call or send an email and we'll share our expertise and insiders knowledge to make sure your visit to the Galapagos Islands is truly phenomenal.


Untamed Path offers quality, fun and active learning adventures, which lead to a greater
of the world’s cultures while supporting conservation of wild places.


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