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What our guests say about the Andes

"The Andes tour before Galapagos was a hit with the whole group. Thanks! I was able to do a video call with my grand daughter who is not with us, from a roof top cafe outside the market. She loved it. A highlight of the time in the Andes was visiting a few surrounding villages with Marcos. He was so passionate about his culture and wanting us to really understand it. Sitting down with and learning from local people was very insightful for us. Now we are off to Galapagos! I'll be in touch when we are back to give you our news."

W. Nordstrum
Phoenix, Arizona


Galapagos plus Andes highlands



"Wow, you guys really know how to put together an itinerary. I don't think we would have found some of the hidden corners you sent us to up in the mountains. The guides being from the surrounding villages gave us access to the local people and culture that will be hard to ever top. Thank you so much for all your work to make our trip so special."

J. Doss
Dover, Delaware

Andes Mountains Travel

Sweeping mountain vistas and warm highland cultures await you

The magical snow capped Andes sparkle under the sun in the crisp mountain air; home to soaring Condors, colorful markets and the hardy descendants of the Incas and Spaniards. A few days in the Andes will captivate your imagination and leave you determined to return for more.

Andes mountain marketsAdd a couple of days or weeks to your journey

Most of our guests who spend a night or 2 in the Andes after their Galapagos trip to relax and explore comment that it was a great idea. Go directly from the airport to an Andes lodge or B&B for a delicious traditional meal, glass of wine or cup of tea by the fireside and a good night of rest after an exciting week in Galapagos.

With an additional week you can head to Peru and visit Machu Picchu. Trek through the Andes to arrive at the famous "Lost City of the Incas" or travel very comfortably by train and van to see more of the culture and history throughout the Sacred Valley.

Perhaps a longer, more strenuous Andes mountain experience is what you're looking for. Climbing the high peaks or hiking amongst them is available over on our active adventures website.

 Things to do in the Andes Mountains
Galapagos and highlands
 Quick facts about the Andes Mountains
  • Walks and hikes ranging from 1 hour to multi-day
  • Mountain biking (options for easy-medium-difficult, guided or on your own)
  • Horseback riding through the Andean high country (options from a couple of hours to a few nights)
  • Visit the workshops of artisans to learn from them about their craft.
  • Purchase artisan crafts directly from the producers (backstrap loom weavers, foot pedal loom weavers, instruments, traditional hats, leather etc.)
  • Exploring small Andes highland towns by foot or surrounding villages by vehicle
  • Visiting with a local shaman for learning or healing
  • Stay on a working farm and participate in daily activities
  • Do a canopy zip-line, rapelling or mountain climbing
  • Listen to local Andean live music
  • Visit a raptor rehabilitation center
  • Soak in rock lined hot springs pools (non sulfurous)
  • Colorful local and artisan markets
  • Learn from locals about preparation of traditional food
  • The Andes spans across 4,300 miles/7,000 kilometers in the 7 South American countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.
  • 2 important crops that originated in the Andes are potatoes and tomatoes
  • A favorite luxury food in some parts of the Andes mountains is the cuy (guinea pig)
  • The Andes of Ecuador boast the highest active volcano in the world at 19,347 feet (Cotopaxi). Even though it is very close to the equator this volcano has snow and ice.
  • The Pacific slopes of the Andes are blanketed with some of the wettest rainforests on earth
  • The Andes formed as a result of subduction of the Nazca Plate and Antarctic Plate underneath the South American Plate
  • The Andes are older than the Alps, the Rockies, or the Himalayas but newer than the Appalachian mountains and the Ural mountains.
  • The Andes are home to the Andean Condor. Even though this is a threatened species at this time due to human pressure, it can still be seen quite readily in various parts of the Andes mountains.


Riding horses in the AndesInformation about the Andean condor

  • The female Andean Condor lays just 1 egg every other year.
  • Young Andean Condors cannot fly for 6 months and remain with the parents for 2 years.
  • The Andean Condor does not reach sexual maturity until age 7-11.
  • Andean Condors mate for life and can live for more than 50 years.
  • They have the largest wingspan of any bird (10.5 feet).
  • They are threatened by development, farmers shooting them with mistaken thought that they kill their livestock and others shooting them for sport.
  • Condors have been affected by pesticides that have been carried up the food chain and by poison placed for mammalian predators.

More information about the Andean Condor

Efforts in Peru to protect the Andean Condor

Help protect the Andean condor with these tips for gardeners at home

Galapagos and Andes mountains Contact us for details about all of your travel options in the Andes mountains of South America.

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