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What our guests say about Galapagos & active adventure tours

"Galapagos was more active than I thought it would be! We did 2 good hikes each day and snorkeled on most days. The time in between island visits and after lunch was great for lounging on the deck to enjoy a book, the views and a little shut eye. While Vic and Mark did every single activity Jean Paul and I passed on a couple afternoon activities and it was a pleasure to have the boat to ourselves. Once, the group returned extremely animated about having spotted a whale shark (apparently rare and they saw it from the dinghy no less!). BUT we’ll keep it as our little secret about the private showing from the rays doing a display of back flips that Jean Paul and I watched for nearly 30 minutes on the same afternoon"!!!

V.  Leblanc
Montreal, Quebec



Active Galapagos adventures


Active Adventures and Galapagos

Get deep into South America

A Galapagos cruise is definitely an active adventure with all of the walking and snorkeling you'll do. Plenty active for most people.  If you’re looking for more adventurous activities or a longer, more rustic experience in South America we invite you to check out our active adventures website. And of course it’s always easy to come back to this site to plan your Galapagos adventure as well.

Adventure off the beaten path

Untamed Path's active adventures site will whet your appetite for getting a little farther out, maybe roughing it sometimes to get there and meeting interesting cultures along the way. To add more comfortable or shorter active adventures to your Galapagos trip visit our Combination Tours page or contact us for a full run down of options.

Active adventures Visit www.untamedpath.com for information about our more active adventures in South America

Galapagos active adventures

Untamed Path has 2 websites

www.galapagos-island-tours.com (where you are now)

  • Focuses on Galapagos Islands travel and tours
  • Stand alone Galapagos trips ranging from very comfortable to mid range or more basic - Galapagos tours
  • Galapagos tours combined with additional days and activities in South America Galapagos active tour Galapagos add-ons



  • Provides details about our more active adventures in South America
  • Land and river based trips ranging from rugged and rustic to comfortable and refined, from 7-30 days
  • Custom land tours on continental South America for small or medium sized groups
  • View trips in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru

Galapagos is really an amazing wildlife and natural history destination. While there are some multi-sport options in the islands, mainland Ecuador and the rest of South America have more to offer the active adventurer. Higher climbs, longer rides, whitewater rapids, deeper accessible wilderness and indigenous cultures. When combined with a Galapagos tour you will have experienced the best that Ecuador has to offer.

Active Galapagos packages Contact us for complete details about all the different types of active adventures we offer in South America.

Let us show you the wild side of South America!

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