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Galapagos Islands travel and tours

Unbelievable wildlife encounters

Galapagos wildlife has no fear of humans. Enjoy the most amazing up close interactions you could ever imagine. Snorkel with penguins, sea lions and turtles. Hike in Darwin’s footsteps on the trails of these unique islands. A nature lovers dream adventure!

Get high quality at a great price

The Galapagos might be a once in a lifetime trip; you want to see as much wildlife as possible on the best itinerary. To visit the uninhabited islands requires a National Park certified guide and making sure you have an excellent naturalist guide is essential. How to tour Galapagos

Experience the best of Galapagos

Traveling from island to island on a well designed Galapagos boat gives you the advantages of more time on the pristine islands where nobody is living and a deeper immersion into the amazing Galapagos ecosystem. A wide range of Galapagos yacht types are available.

Enjoy smooth and easy logistics

Our years of Galapagos experience will give you the peace of mind to relax and take in the journey. Our selection of quality yachts & crews will make sure your visit to the Galapagos exceeds your expectations.
About Galapagos Island Tours and Untamed Path

Feel good about the journey

A trip to the fragile Galapagos Islands always includes the element of conservation. When a local community has a financial stake in the health of the surrounding ecosystem they work hard to protect it.

Visit the Galapagos your way

Join a small group on a live-aboard yacht
Charter the whole boat for just your friends and family


What's your travel style?

Untamed Path is your ultimate source for Galapagos travel and tours. Explore the way you want to in the Galapagos Islands.

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